I’m a spiritual guide for practical matters. I love helping people searching for deeper meaning and connection in life remove their limiting beliefs and stories so they can find their vision and create a life of joy and abundance.

I use spiritual guidance, intuitive readings, Marconics energy work, home and office energy space clearings, and practical tools to help you navigate your path from what’s not working to a place of empowerment, joy and deliberate creation.

While knowing from a pretty young age that I was supposed to help, heal and inspire, I did a very good job at ignoring it because it felt “too big”, and no way was anyone going to listen to me.

My limiting beliefs made me feel like I wasn’t good enough and kept getting in the way of every aspect of my life. It kept me from allowing myself to choose a career that involved helping others, trying new things that seemed too difficult, and even finding the love of my life.


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I did eventually meet a great man whom I married, but it didn’t last. After my divorce I lost my faith, felt totally worthless and as though I couldn’t do anything right.

During this challenging time I worked with a life coach for a year and a half and discovered I could be more – that I brought value to the world and that my gifts were able to transform people’s lives.

It was time to trust and take the steps that were necessary to get on the path I had been ignoring for so long.

Today I use my intuition to guide my clients to their greatest vision of themselves and their lives.

I’ve been a Reiki Master for almost 20 years and now use Marconics multidimensional energy. What’s really unique about my approach is that not only do I use intuitive readings and body and space vibrational energy work, but I also mix in my legal background, which makes me great at the practical, down to earth, “let’s get it done” part of helping you actualize your ideal life.

Let’s cut through all the noise so you can finally

live a life that’s rich in every way.



Certified Professional Life & Business Coach
Life Purpose Institute~

Certified Angel Tarot Reader (CATR)
Radleigh Valentine Hay House University



International Coaching Federation


Female Entrepreneur Association International

Certified Marconics Energy Recalibration Practitioner


Graduate of Intuitive Training Program
Intuitive Way, LLC
Walnut Creek


Avatar Master/Wizard
Star’s Edge International


Certified Accupressure Practitioner
Berkeley Accurpressure Institute