How many times have you tried to use affirmations?  Once, twice…never?  Or are you a regular user?  I learned in church about affirmations when I was a teenager.  I was told to repeat them 50 times a day.  As a teenager, you better believe I just said the affirmation really, really fast while counting them on my fingers.  Ummmm…..this did not seem to work.  I can’t imagine why.

First off, what is an affirmation?  It’s just a statement about who you want to be couched in the present tense.  It encourages you to be who you want to be.  If you want examples, I have a lot of videos called The Joy Corner on YouTube which addresses a different affirmation every week (here is one of the links to get you started, plus some videos coming out answering what they are, how they work and why we should use them.

Basically you’re trying to talk your subconscious into believing something about you or your circumstances that don’t appear to be your current reality.  This can indeed be uphill work, so many people simply don’t try, or give up after their initial trial and error phase like I did so many years ago.

I didn’t know how to go about using affirmations and I didn’t know which ones would be right for me.

I’ve found if you don’t have just the right affirmation, things don’t change.  So look for an affirmation that really feels good to you. It needs to move you and make your eyes tear up, or make you smile, or maybe make you have butterflies in your stomach.  The right affirmation for you is truly subjective so keep playing around with the words until you feel something that moves you in a big way.

And then take that affirmation and say it out loud a few times a day suspending your disbelief.  Really feel it.  Pay attention to your reality when you start the process and see if anything shifts in your world.  It could be anything from a huge shift to a bunch of minor ones.  If nothing seems to be happening adjust your affirmation until it feels even deeper to you.

In any case, give it a shot either for the first time, or one more time and see if affirmations are for you.


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