When things are going fabulously, do you enjoy them? Do you flat out make a full STOP and just feel through what’s happening? The old saying is to stop and smell the roses, and especially when things are going well, we need to do that. To pat ourselves on the back when we’ve achieved something; a promotion, a new house, a great relationship, or some other success.  We certainly are great at blaming ourselves when they don’t so why not pat ourselves on the back when they ARE going well? When we HAVE done something we’re proud of?

There are always things that hit us that stop the upward spiral. Maybe it’s something that seems small – someone says or does something that hurts us, our boss belittles us, or a big bill hits us we didn’t expect. Or maybe it’s something bigger that torpedoes our good time – we get fired or laid off, our girlfriend/boyfriend breaks it off, or a spouse asks for a divorce, a medical issue comes up, or a death rocks our world.

When we can really take the time to relish when things are going well, it will help those times when they aren’t going so well. We’ll really remember the feelings we had during those good times and the bad times may feel less…well, bad. Once you’ve raised your vibration up high enough, you simply don’t fall down as far the next time.

So don’t rush onto the next thing on your list that has to be done. Don’t cut short the good times by keeping yourself busy. Allow yourself, when you’re flying high to feel those feelings; the pride, the joy, the elation…really savor those times. Feel into them. Let them bring a smile on your face and the joy in your heart.


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