Do you ever look at your life and wonder how you got there? If you had totally different wants and desires from where you are, there are definitely some limiting beliefs holding you back.  One of the most “popular” is saying to yourself “I’m not good enough”.

The I’m not good enough can take different forms, but if you can see what’s holding you back, you can have a focus for change.

First, ask yourself why you don’t have what you wanted and see what comes up. Each time you have an answer see if it is an excuse or a feeling, or what it looks like, and then keep digging deeper.  For example, you may think you don’t have the job you want because your boss doesn’t appreciate you, or a fellow coworker is saying nasty things about you, or you had to take time off for a family emergency, which put you behind another employee for the promotion you wanted.

But if you go deeper than that, you may see that your self-confidence is low; maybe you think you don’t deserve to have the money that comes with a promotion; or maybe you don’t think you’re good enough to handle anything new that comes up.  Once you get to a place that you can’t dig any deeper and it comes to a belief in yourself, you have your starting point.

If you take the “I’m not good enough” or other belief you have uncovered and look back at your life, when did that feeling first come up?  Was it something your mother said to you; your best friend; a teacher; or maybe even a school bully?  I’ve found in working with my clients that some can just release beliefs once they know what they are (the first step above), or they need to go back and be aware first of the origins in their life so they can heal it at depth.

You may need help with this last part, but once you start healing it and letting go of your limiting beliefs your whole life can change moving you in either the direction you were hoping for, or something a whole lot better.


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