Have you ever asked yourself, am I happy?  What was your response?
If not, stop right this moment and ask yourself…Am I happy?

Can you answer a resounding yes? Or maybe a sad no?  A little of both?  Or do you divide your life into different areas and answer for each one?

If you answered yes, that’s wonderful! If you’re happy, look at each reason and be deeply grateful.  You can always deepen that happiness into an abiding joy.

If not, what makes you unhappy and what options do you have to change what seems to be your current reality? Pretend if you have to, that you are totally in control of your current reality. List out your options and pick one you think will help you.  Even if it’s just a baby step forward, every step, and I mean every step, will bring at least a little light to the dark and allow happiness to seep into your reality.

And if you answered yes or no after compartmentalizing your life to career, love life, family, finances, etc., etc., and you have a couple of target areas that you want to feel better about, all the better.

Broadening your happiness and deepening your joy will make life worth living, making your relationships all the sweeter and any type of career could turn into your life purpose.

Definitely worth the effort it may take to get there, don’t you think?


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