I remember as a kid waking up really early to take a car trip, usually to see my grandmother in Seattle; over a day’s drive.  My parents would wake my sister and I up around 3 a.m., if memory serves, and I’d sleep for a couple of hours in the car.  After I’d wake up, I would play with the one bag of toys I would be allowed in the car. We went past Mt. Shasta and other beautiful mountain ranges. Was I interested in the trip? No………Mommmmmm, are we almost there???  And probably five minutes later……Are we there yet???? I’d whine…or at least I’m sure I sounded that way.

How many times are we on our life’s journey and not paying any attention to what is happening right now?  Are we enjoying our life, or are we asking constantly, “are we there yet??”  or maybe “when will I be happy…or get what I want…or when will I get that perfect job, that perfect mate…”  When all along, we have already arrived because our life is happening NOW, not at some mythical time when we finally GET somewhere. We don’t have to wait to find our dream, or meet our mate, or finish school, or get that big job…the saying goes, life is a journey, NOT life is what happens when you get to the END of your journey…

Are you just waiting to be happy until something specific happens; some goal or dream you have set for yourself???  Don’t be like me as a child….don’t wait for your destination before you let yourself enjoy your life …..Don’t ask yourself….Are you there yet? – Try asking yourself…Do I love my life right now?   And if not, take that moment, that very moment and find something that brings you joy.  Every time you find yourself being unhappy or impatient for the future to arrive, take that moment of time again.  The more fully present in each “now” moment you can be, the more you will stop resisting the journey and enjoy the most interesting roller coaster ride that is your life.


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