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If you had the choice, would you hang around you? Are you fun to be around, make people laugh or have a way about you that makes everyone like you? Maybe you listen from your heart so that anyone who talks to you really feels like you hear them. Being charming means being enchanting, endearing and delightful. If you aren’t that person, do you wish you were?

So many people we know rush around and don’t take the time to enjoy life. They are so caught up in their busy world that nothing seems to make a dent in their rushing lifestyle. No time for fun without purpose, playing for the heck of it or really being there for a friend or loved one. And others may seem to be angry constantly with that giant chip on their shoulder, complaining and blaming others for what their life looks like. The opposite of charming is repulsive and repellent. Hmmm, not very attractive sounding is it?

If you know that person, is that who you want to hang out with?  You may give them a wide berth or at the very most, tolerate them if they are in your important circule.

Or if you are that person, is that who you want to be? What if you took a good hard look at how you come off to others? You don’t have to depend on others for validation on your self-worth, but what others think can be a reflection of what you are putting out in the world.

You have the choice. Be the loving spirit you truly are, or let the world pile up on top of you, making your life, and usually many of those around you, pretty miserable. What if you tried leading with a heart filled with love and peace, instead of pain, hurt or anger? What if you raised your vibration for YOU so that you feel better? You do have that choice…it may seem difficult at first, but ask yourself how do you want to be in this lifetime? Someone even you don’t want to be around, or do you want to be charming?


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