How many times do we work super hard at something and get nowhere?  You have these dreams and goals for your business or your life, but do you feel like you’re in a canoe paddling upstream against the current?  Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you got into the flow of what your life should be?

Maybe we need to rethink our goals and dreams and perhaps even turn the boat around to get in the flow.  Or maybe we just need to pick our oars up out of the water and let our course correct without paddling (trying) so hard.  And to continue with this metaphor, maybe we are even in the wrong stream!

If you are tired all the time, exhausted at the end of the day, staying up way too late and going, going, going all the time, you might be resisting success.

And the really strange thing is sometimes we are resisting the resistance!  What do I mean about that?  Well, what did you feel when I said you might be resisting success?  Did you think, “No I’m not!”, or maybe “that sounds stupid”…then there is a real possibility that not only are you resisting the success itself due to some limiting belief that may no longer be serving you like you aren’t good enough, or smart enough, but you are even resisting the idea that you could be resisting success.

So let’s take a moment and feel into what resisting success feels like to you.  Think of something you want that is not happening for you, like losing weight or changing a job. How do you feel?  You may be wondering why it isn’t happening.  How do you feel if I say you are actively resisting the success from happening in that instance?  If you have any immediate NO, I’m not!!!  Then take a moment to embrace the resistance.  Know that you may be paddling really hard in one direction and the universe has a whole better direction set out for you.  If you can lighten up your feelings towards the thought that you are resisting success, one wall will fall and things may start moving.  At the very least you will have some relief.  If you pick up the oars and stop paddling for a minute asking for the highest and best to happen for you, you will be amazed once you get into the flow how things start moving along.


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