Do you want friends that will always be there for you? Are you looking for the love of your life, but can’t seem to find him or her? Are your neighbors simply horrible?

Instead of looking outward, what if we look inward?  What if we took control and became what we’re looking for?  If you want someone who will be there for you through thick and thin; not judge you or complain about you, at least not very much; be respectful, honest and faithful…or whatever you’re looking for, what if you became that person? Mirror who you want to be.

Have you looked at who you are?  What if you decided to become more loving, less judgmental, more honest and faithful if that’s what you want from someone else? Do you know that you will attract those types of people to you? The more you love yourself at a soul level and not a superficial one, the more you’ll attract loving people to you. The more honest you are, the more people who lie will decide you aren’t for them. And the happier and more joyful you are at a deep level, the less the angry, spiteful people will be comfortable in your orbit. Your vibration will simply be too high.

Instead of lamenting what you don’t have, or judging those around you who don’t meet your expectations for your friends, your loved ones, or even your neighbors or the people you work with, what if you tried appreciating them more? Staying in a place rooted in love and peace? Some people will run screaming from the room, but many people will come up and meet or exceed your expectations if you stop ripping them up or tearing them down.

But you say, that’s a lot of work! What if it doesn’t work???

And I say…What if you tried it, and it did?


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