If you want change in your life, how do you jump to the future where the change is working instead of scary?  We can get some clues from Mahatma Ghandi’s quote, “We must become the change we want to see.”

I think he meant we have to embody the change to become it.  My way of working with my clients is by asking them, “Who do you have to be right now in order to have this change work for you?”; to have your dream or vision come true…?  Sometimes we can’t tell who we have to be; what characteristics we need to focus on, and sometimes it’s a little more obvious.  But if you can’t see it, try focusing on who you will become if the outcome is considered by you to be “successful”.  Then you can backtrack to current day and “pretend” to be that person.

For example, if you say you’ll be more successful, well, yes, but what is deeper than that?  Will you have more self-confidence, more love for yourself, more willingness to take the next challenge, more optimism…who will you become if the change works?  And then choose to act that way now even if you have to pretend your way into convincing yourself.

I remember a minister I had when I was quite young who asked how we were doing every Sunday.  We would all answer various things, but basically we said we were good, or fantastic, or wonderful…and she said Yes!  And if you don’t really feel that way, fake it until you make it, because you WILL feel that way soon.  I still remember that and it really DOES work!

Acting that way now will help you bridge the gap of what you want, to having what you want; and believe it or not, the outcome will probably happen faster and with less roadblocks if you try this.  So remember, if you want to have a positive outcome to whatever change you’re facing, “We must become the change we want to see.”


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