Help Me…I’m Stuck!!!

Do you feel stuck in some area of your life?  No matter what you do are things the same…no change, and driving you crazy?  I hear you.  I think we’ve all been there.  Sometimes it feels like we’re walking thru quicksand.

I finally got to the point that I was DONE!  I had to figure out what I had to do to make things move in the direction I wanted (when I THOUGHT I’d been doing it all along).  But the question I asked myself was…what am I focusing on?  I know that the law of attraction works.  That’s where we think of one thing and it is attracted to you.  If we wish for the loving spouse or lots of money, but focus on the bad relationships or the debt you get more of the same.

Sometimes it can get tricky though.  For example, if I think I’m focusing on what I want, but then nothing changes.  What’s up with that?  Well what you think you want and what your subconscious believes you deserve may be at odds which can make your “reality” totally random.

Take the money issue, if part of us focuses on the worry that the debt won’t be paid and the other part is visualizing lots of money coming in – we are giving our subconscious a mixed signal.  So maybe we get the large sum of money, but then the IRS says – oh, guess what you owe – the same or more than you received; then you are back in the same boat again.

So the secret is to look at who you would be if you actually had what you wanted.  If you look at two years from now and say you want to have a savings of $100k in your bank account over what it is now with no debt attached to it. Who would you be if you had that?  Would you be happy, less stressed, and grateful with the knowledge that everything is fine in that avenue of your life and all your bills are easily paid?  If you act as if this has already happened you won’t worry about paying bills, and believe it or not, money starts showing up at the door.  It is the weirdest thing…no wait…that’s just the law of attraction at work!


Great Expectations?

No, this isn’t about Charles Dickens….but it is about the mindset of what kind of expectations you have for your life.  So, what do you think?  Do you have Great expectations?  Or maybe things haven’t been going so well or you’re from what they used to call, the wrong side of the tracks, and life has been difficult up until now, so you have lower expectations for what you can have in this life.

Then there are the type of people that have what they call “no” expectations.  Now this can get tricky, because these people are not telling you the whole truth.  They come from two opposite camps.  One camp has expectations that everything is probably going to be awful, but they say they have “no” expectations so they won’t disappointed.  Generally they are exhausted and constantly on the look-out for someone who will bring them pain.

The other folks actually have an expectation that the best and right thing will happen, but they have “no” expectations because they are unattached to the outcome, leaving them in more joy and peace.  If something happens that others would think of as “bad”, they simply see the lesson they are supposed to learn and move through it more gracefully than others.

So where do you fall in this spectrum?  Do you have great, lower, or no (and which camp are you in) expectations?  Once you are pretty clear on that, look at your life.  Does your life reflect your expectations?  If it does and you’re happy with it, all is well.  But if you find you expect one thing and your life is totally different there is a disconnect between your conscious and subconscious minds.  If this is you, no worries.  You can start to shift by simply paying attention to where things are creating opposite to what you desire – is it that you are alone but you really think you deserve, and expect to have, a wonderful love in your life?  You can’t work on the disconnect until you start seeing it more clearly, which might take a life coach or other outside ear and shoulder.

If your expectation and your life are in alignment, but you decide to upgrade your expectations from “low” or “no” – the kind where you expect the worst – to “great” or “no” – the one with no attachment to the outcome – you will find that your outer life starts shifting to reflect your new beliefs/expectations; people will show up in your life differently, and they may even start to say that you bring out the best in them.  Kind of cool, right?

More Money Please!

Do you feel many times like your money doesn’t make it to the end of the month?  Or maybe that’s fine but that vacation you wanted to take has to be put off or scaled down from the vision you had.

Did you know we cut off our money flow whenever we reinforce the lack?  You have probably heard of the law of attraction, so if you think negative thoughts about money you’ll have less of it.  Even when we think we’re being positive, we could be in the negative zone.  For example if we are grateful that this month we can pay the bills and thinking of all those times we couldn’t, you are actually reinforcing all the time we can’t.

So how do we start changing this?  Besides being a “let’s get it done” sort of practical coach, I also work on mindset and spiritual principles, so in my private VIP sessions for changing your money karma I start everyone off with writing a letter to money as if it is a person (from the book You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero – very funny and highly recommended…I only borrow from the best!).

If you wrote that letter, what would you say?  Something like – –  I am really angry at you. You come and go in my life and are totally undependable because you are never there when I need you.  Why?  Don’t you love me?…

OR maybe you might say something more like – – Hi money. You’re pretty cool. I really enjoy hanging out with you. I love when you’re in my life and we get to do some pretty cool things together, but when you’re not…

If you do write the letter, and I highly recommend it, you’ll see exactly where you are with money.  Most people seem to have a love/hate relationship; I love you when you’re here and hate you when you abandon me.  It will really show you why money is not in your life.

And by the way, if all you think about when you imagine money coming your way is your day job, just remember that your money source doesn’t have to be from one place.  Imagine if you had money flowing from multiple sources…how would that feel?  I managed to accomplish this and I have to say it is pretty cool.  If you widen your vision and see from your heart and spirit, multiple ideas will come to you and even opportunities you never imagined.

It all starts with seeing where you are with money.  How do you see it and how are you treating it.  A little work can shift your way of thinking and your bank account too!

Why Do Things Have to Be So Hard?

Why do things have to be so hard?  We work and work to earn a living or to get something we want, and sometimes things still don’t go our way!  I mean, what’s up with that?  Do we feel we have to earn it?

What if you could work smarter and let go of the 9 to 5, or maybe more like 24/7 in some careers?  What if life was more fun and easier?  What if you could spend more time with your friends and family and just hang out having fun?  How would that feel deep down?

A lot of the internet business crowd think they have found a way because they can work from anywhere, but have you seen them at dinner?  They may be on a date and yet still tied to their phone returning texts and generally being inattentive to who they’re with.  And the other person might be doing the same thing!

It’s time to release the thought that you have to work hard for your money.

So first, look back at what your parents believe.  Were they hard working folk like my dad was? Or were they more easygoing like my mom?  My dad had a definite lack mentality and had his money only coming from his job.  The harder and more hours he worked, the better he felt and the more money he had coming in.  I “inherited” his work ethic of showing up on time, doing my job and being dependable; which is a good thing, but I also seem to have his belief that I have to work “hard” in order to accomplish this.

Did you “inherit” your parents’ belief structure?  Or did you maybe choose the opposite?  It is something to ponder to see how it impacts your life to this day.

And second, let’s take stock.  How hard are you working?  Do you want to change that?  What would be the most fun you can think of with the business you are currently in?  How many hours; location and pay?  And is that even possible with your current situation or do you need to create your new job or business based on what you truly want?  If you can’t make it work with where you are, it may be time to visualize exactly what you want.  The how to on that is a whole other blog in itself and a YouTube video will be coming out shortly on that.

Thinking you have to work hard for your money is a very three dimensional mentality.  If you widen your vision and see from your heart and spirit, multiple ideas will come to you and even opportunities you never imagined.

Take a Giant Step?

Have you ever taken a giant step forward in either your business or your home life?  Were you scared or sure this was the right step to take?  Somehow we learn more from the experience if we start in fear. My theory is that we have such a wide range of emotions to go from fear to excitement at the breakthrough that it seems like we’ve learned more, but really the wide range of emotions just gets our attention more.

I know a lot of times I, and other coaches, say to take baby steps, which is a great thing, but once in a while we just need to take a giant step that takes us out of our comfort zone.

So what do you think?  Do you have a goal that seems a little big that you keep putting off that taking a step could help get you moving?  What steps could you take?  For example, if you want to start dating again after a long dry spell or a relationship that is no longer working, do you jump into on line dating or ask your friends for a blind date?  Or maybe if you are at your office, you volunteer to take on a big project for the boss.

First, find a goal you want some movement on.

Second, come up with one or two and see what resonates with you. Use your imagination; really think big.  If you need to, find someone you trust that has a great imagination and maybe thinks outside the box.

Third, evaluate what you come up with and make a decision.  The decision should be something that will lead you toward your goal, feel right and probably be out of your comfort zone if you are taking a “giant” step.

What do you think?  Are you ready to take that giant step into the unknown?  I have faith in you. You can do this thing. Let’s make a pact to make our dreams come true.


Running on Empty?

Somewhere in the middle of your day are you running on empty?  Do you get frustrated, angry or just exhausted?  Whether it’s with an unruly child, a do that won’t obey, a boss who is unreasonable or just a jar of pickles that won’t open, on any given day we can get stressed.

So, a very simple but powerful exercise.  When you feel that way, Take a step outside if you can. If worse comes to worse, go into the stall in the bathroom at the office or pull the car into a parking lot.  Then, it’s time to smell the roses, as my mom used to say.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel all of your attention pulling back from wherever it is.  Pretend for the moment like none of it matters and see it all melting away, knowing if you want to pick up where you left off when you are done, you can.

Then simply…be.  Be in the now.  Let go of the past and the future concerns and worries. Summon up the joy of being right here, right now, in this moment.  Know how truly blessed you are to be in a human existence no matter what is happening around you.

If you need a little help getting to the here and now joy moment at first, find one thing that brings you deep joy and see it directly in front of your closed eyes – maybe your baby’s smile, a beautiful sunset or looking into a loved one’s eyes.  Once you have the feeling, let go of the thought and be in the now.  

I can promise you, it will take a moment to want to come back if you even get a bit of the feeling, and you will truly shift into a higher state of being. What you were concerned with a stressed out over will look, and more importantly, feel, completely different.


Is Marconics Right for Me?

If you read last week’s blog and thought, hmmmm, I still don’t get it. Not sure if this thing is right for me or not – let’s dig a little deeper.

Are you finding that lately you, your friends or your family are suffering from numerous odd maladies that are unusual?

Issues like:

  1. Headaches
  2. Backaches
  3. Flu-like symptoms that last a long time
  4. Digestive problems
  5. Events that completely alter your life (one or in combination) – divorce, job change, sickness, death, change in income, or other seeming catastrophe
  6. Changing sleep patterns – needing less, more or waking throughout the night
  7. Weight gain or loss for no apparent reason
  8. Depression
  9. Brain fog – feeling spacy and disconnected; listless
  10. Dizziness, falling, having accidents or breaking bones

If you are talking to doctors, trying different things, but still not coming up with enough consistent results, a Marconics multidimensional no touch energy healing session may be right for you.  It raises your body’s vibration releasing much of its 3 dimensional density.  Or perhaps a recalibration might resonate which can release up to 51% of karmic debris.

By connecting to the Marconics energy you will not only raise your vibration, but your friends and family will have more powerful healings through entrainment with your energy. It is a beautiful gift to give them!

To put it bluntly, when and if Marconics energy is right for you, you will know.  Intuitively you will get such a huge hit, a hammer will feel like it is descending on you, or maybe you will feel a quickening and an opening of a YES!!!  Follow that feeling your higher self is giving you, whether it is a yes or a no.

And if you are on the fence and need more information, you can contact me at, or check out my Marconics page –  Also at that link you can sign up for a no touch session, whether distant or in person.  If you want to skip directly to the recalibration because it speaks to you, contact me and we’ll talk by phone so you can be sure you have the information you need to make the right decision for you.

Other very good explanations of Marconics can be found on YouTube at the following links: and
The second is a longer video and includes a demonstration after a discussion by the founder Alison David-Bird.  The demonstration starts at 56 minutes.

And of course at, the home of Marconics.

Blessings on you and your journey!

What the Heck is Marconics?

Most people have never heard of Marconics before, so when I say I am a certified Marconics Recalibration Practitioner I get a lot of blank looks.  So I thought I’d take the time to give you a semi-quick explanation, some directly from the founders, and some of my two cents.  After you are done reading this if you have more questions or want to sign up for an in-person or distant session, contact me.

Next week, I’ll give you some information on the ascension symptoms and why Marconics may be right for you.  Only your higher self knows for sure! So read if you feel so inclined and let me know what you think.

So here we go –

MARCONICS is a multidimensional Ascension energy healing modality, handed down by Spirit, for the evolution of Humanity – The Human Upgrade

So what is it?  Here is some information straight from the originators –

  • Marconics raises your vibration above the Fear frequencies of the third dimension, so you can access the frequencies of Pleiadian Love in the higher realms and come into alignment with your Higher Self, at Source.
  • Marconics is achieving Ascension through the progressive integration of Higher Self energies, into the physical body. Each one introducing a higher vibration than the last.
  • Anything you do emits a vibrational frequency, once you have received your own Marconic Recalibration, you will experience an acceleration of your life’s path. Your personal interactions and your work will emit a higher vibrational frequency, drawing experiences and people to you that are in resonance.
  • Recipients of Marconics continue to download upgrades into their new operating systems with every new wave of Ascension energy that hits the planet from the newly completed infrared system of space.

Marconics enables you to:

  • Communicate with your DNA
  • Take Charge of your Personal Programs
  • Accelerate your Evolutionary Process
  • Discover your Life’s Purpose
  • Align with your Higher Mission
  • Awaken Intuition/ESP Psychic Gifts
  • Reclaim Hidden Talents & Skills
  • Release Negative Past life Imprints

If the ascension part doesn’t speak to you, just doing the no touch (without the recalibration) is designed to:

  • Raise your vibrational frequency to release 3D programming
  • Provides an opportunity for you to shed karmic density from your chakra system and activate new chakras
  • Create spontaneous healing as directed by your Higher Selves
  • Activate DNA
  • Connect and integrate with your Higher Self Lineage
  • Incrementally, increasing vibration within the physical body with every Marconic ‘No-Touch’ Session

While it is definitely an ascension energy, you can simply have the no-touch session if you just want to deal with the 3 dimensional world better.  For more information contact me at, or check out my Marconics page –  Also at that link you can sign up for a no touch session, whether distant or in person.

Other very good explanations on YouTube can be found at the following link:

For a more scientific reason behind where this energy came from check out:

And of course, there is also information on the home website of Marconics –

If this sounds interesting but you still can’t tell if this is right for you or not, next week will be the specific symptoms you may be experiencing, which are referred to by the community as “ascension symptoms”.  Check it out next week and see if this helps clear things up for you.

Is it Hammer Time?

What tools do you have at home?  Most people at least have a hammer and 2 types of screwdrivers, and maybe a wrench or a needle nose plyer.  Do you know when it is the right time to pick up which tool?  Do you use a hammer on a screw or do you pick up a screwdriver?  And maybe when one tool doesn’t work, do you try a different one?

Such it is with life and this thing we call enlightenment.  If we want to grow and keep trying the same tool, and nothing is changing, do you try a different one until things start moving in your life?

I see it all the time when we are trying to change someone’s mind.  We keep pounding away at them with a hammer, when really a wrench to loosen them up would work so much better…not literally of course!  But you get my drift.

Whatever you are doing in your life and whatever you are trying to achieve; stop for a minute.  Take a breath and step back.  If what you are doing doesn’t seem to be working in your work life, in a particular relationship, in your finances or your health, look again. Can you see the “problem” from a different perspective?  If so, maybe a different tool will come to mind.  Try a needle nose plyer instead of that hammer, or maybe add visualization to your prayers or meditations.

Sometimes we use a particular growth tool for a long time and it works, but if we get stuck in a certain area, perhaps we need to replace that tool for awhile or maybe add something new to what we are already doing in order to super charge our growth.

So take a moment; look at your tool box; and use your intuition to see what would be the best one for your current situation.  Just a slight shift sometimes can make all the difference.

Why Can’t I Be Rich?

Do you ever ask yourself, why can’t I be rich?  Why them and not me?

I submit to you – what is your definition of rich?  Is it only a specific amount of money? Or on reflection, is it rich in the type of relationships you have with family and friends; a career you love; a home that brings you peace; or a rich spiritual life?

You can’t really feel rich until you have your definition clear.  And then when you do, what’s holding you back from truly having that rich life you crave?  What patterns or beliefs are creating the life you have and where did they come from?  Is it something you heard growing up that became a belief for you – perhaps, you will never amount to anything; or why are you so stupid?  Or maybe it is your parents’ beliefs that you adopted; money doesn’t grow on trees; you have to work hard for your money; or there is simply never enough to go around.  Other options might be never feeling good enough to be making the big bucks, or pretty/handsome enough to have that gorgeous gal/guy date me; or smart enough to get that amazing career.

Most of us have a combination of the above or others that hold us back. Not only can they come from interpretations of things that happened to us when we were young, but also our parents’ experiences, generational beliefs and, I believe, especially past life issues we have been dealing with for many lifetimes.

So where to start?  I recommend choosing just one issue you know for sure is holding you back from feeling rich.  Look at it from every angle you can.  Where did it come from?  Why do you believe it? How is it holding you back?  And then give yourself permission to release it.  Try not to fight the belief or beat yourself over the head about it.  It simply has been the past, but it doesn’t have to be the future.

What would you be like if you didn’t believe that about yourself?  How would you feel?  How freeing would it be?  Every day put yourself in that place of being that person who is free from that fear or limiting belief.  Bask in the feeling more and more every day.  You will start shifting little by little by just doing this, so that before you know it the strength of that fear or old belief holding you back will begin shrinking so that you identify with the belief less and less and the “riches” will start flowing into our lives more easily every day.