Have you ever been so far down you felt like you would never climb out of the hole you felt like you were in?  Whether it’s depression, a bad relationship, a wrong decision that had terrible consequences or money problems, sometimes it can feel like the end of the world.  But some humans have an amazing way of bouncing back.  What makes that happen for some people and not for others?

For some, it’s attitude.  For others, it’s faith.  And for yet others, it’s a knowingness.  An attitude that says never give up, something better is going to come along.  Faith that says, God has something better in store for me, I just have to believe.  A knowingness that all is well and there is a reason for what seem to be the down times.  And things just seem to turn around for them; sometimes pretty fast.

The others, well they dwell on the bad stuff.  There is never enough money to get by.  The man or woman in their life will always lie and cheat.  Someone at work is out to get them.  And they wonder why things just keep getting worse.

You may know the law of attraction or you may not, but basically it says whatever you focus on you get more of.  If you look at a person dispassionately and listen to what they say, you can tell what tomorrow will be for them.  Will things turn around or are they due for more of the same?

We’re all having a human experience and sometimes it takes a little longer to bounce back than others, especially if they are deep issues for you.  Don’t beat yourself up if you need some time to move through an experience.  But if you need motivation to heal, forgive or move on, just ask yourself – – – do you want more of the same tomorrow?  If not, maybe you’re ready to turn your thoughts around and begin to bounce back and start a new chapter where prosperity, great relationships and happy times can grow.



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