When the world appears to be in shambles around you and fear is constantly your companion, can you find the lighter side? Can you release the fear and allow yourself to rise above it?

I’ve noticed that when you post something on Facebook that hits a nerve, people are very quick to jump all over you; to judge; and to say you’re wrong. Don’t make fun of this or that, it’s serious! It’s life threatening. Whether it’s about the political things happening in the United States or COVID and all it entails, people react.

Every once in a while, I post something that is put forward to lighten the world and bring a few chuckles to distract folks from what’s happening in the world, and they do just that; judge and say nasty things.  While social media is a place to connect, so many times, it’s a place to vent; to throw out all the negative things that happen that day; things in the past you’d only tell your best friend or your spouse, or to react to what someone says in a negative, accusatory way that is bound to make the person posting feel less than enough.

Take a moment before posting or responding to other’s posts. What do you plan to say? Is it coming from a place of fear or judgment? How would you like to receive what you are putting out there? Think again. About why you want to say or respond to someone in that light.  And then ask yourself again how you can respond in a lighter more loving way. Find something that brings you joy and stick with it! Choose the lighter and the brighter, and yes, even the funny and the joyful to pull you through. Don’t choose the fearful, the negative or the judgmental place to live your life from.

Find people around you that can help you stay more positive and explore the whys for the dark place you may stray into from time to time. Get help if you need to. You don’t have to do it alone if it’s a scary, dark place for you.  Sometimes it’s hard to realize when it is fear leading the charge. It might seem rational, logical and just…right, to respond a certain way. But from a third-party perspective it becomes more obvious when fear comes into play.  If you can step back to see how your fear is hurting others around you, and even infecting THEM with fear, you’ll know you need to change your responses.

You can use gratitude, hope, love, peace, or any other higher emotional vibrational feelings to pull you up and out when you feel fear raising its ugly head. And the best part is, you don’t have to do it alone.


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