When your religion says you have to love everybody, just how do you do that? Do you force yourself to hang out with people that you really don’t like, frustrate you, drive you crazy or just irritate the heck out of you? Do you pretend to love them?

Loving people we really don’t like can be tough if we do it from our personalities. They may seem mean, rude or obnoxious, or maybe even dangerous. From our human perspective, some people may just not be loveable. Even if we try to love them from afar, we may be kidding ourselves. So what the heck do we do if we want to give this loving thing a shot?

I find that if I can meditate or raise my vibration in some way, I raise my consciousness higher. When I feel at least a little disconnected from my regular human emotions and feel more peace or love, it is soooo much easier to then think from a higher consciousness where judgment seems to fall away. From there I can much more easily send loving thoughts to someone or wrap them in a love bubble. If you ask for their highest and best to happen, including any lessons that they need to learn, it actually ends up being fairly easy to send them the love from that standpoint. Give it a shot. You don’t have to spend more time with the difficult person, but you may be surprised that you feel calmer, safer or more loving towards them during your day to day life if you run into them. And they may act differently too.


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