Confrontations, EEK!

How are you with confrontations?  Some people run from them and may never tell someone what is bothering them until they blow up maybe years later and take the other person totally unaware.  Or they may quit their jobs out Continue reading →

The Great Beyond – are You Afraid of Death?

No matter what religions say no one really knows what happens after death…the great beyond.  We have songs about it, whole religions about it, ghost movies and stories, and the list goes on.  And yet some people have a great Continue reading →

Life Purpose, Myth or Fact?

We’ve heard about “life purpose” a lot over the years.  It was new for awhile and then it became overused.  It’s kind of like the “myth” of a soul mate; only one and you may never find it. I’m here Continue reading →

Ramp It Up!

Are you going through life in kind of a blasé way?  No real enthusiasm nor interest in much that’s going on?  Maybe you’ve had so many problems or issues that you just are done engaging, or maybe you came into Continue reading →