The Winds of Change

How are you with change?  Good, horrible…or maybe you fear it and stay stuck on purpose?  While change may be inevitable in life, few people embrace it.  When we worry about our future, we may worry about what the change Continue reading →

Time to Create Your Life With Purpose

Are you motivated to make a change in your life?  Only you know your own answers. Ultimately the amount you transform your life is up to you. We are unique individuals who already know how to live in joy and Continue reading →

In Theory…Things Should Work

Do you have dreams, goals and plans that look really good on paper, but don’t seem to be happening quite as planned?  Are you having trouble understanding why everyone else is doing well, but you just can’t get things started Continue reading →

Find Freedom in Change – Don’t Fight it!

Every time change appears do you run screaming for the hills?  Are you scared of change, do you embrace it or are you somewhere in the middle?  The old saying, I have 20/20 hindsight is so true.  Looking back we Continue reading →

Are You the Ugly Duckling?

Do you go through life thinking you aren’t very attractive?  Do you feel like an ugly duckling among the swans?  Where did you get this idea? Sometimes parents and children in school or even brothers and sisters can say things Continue reading →

I Want to Be Like Them

Have you ever felt draw to certain people? Have you seen lots of people drawn to one person?  Sometimes we don’t know why and sometimes it can be incredibly obvious. Maybe you even feel better when you’re around them.  Granted Continue reading →