Are You Waiting for Your Life to Happen?

Are you waiting for something to happen to change your life or are you choosing to make it happen? I was stuck in a rut for many years…day job, home, sometimes acting in local theatre productions, but that’s about it. Continue reading →

Who Are You Anyway?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?  If you haven’t, ask yourself this now before you continue reading…Who are you? What did you come up with? We wear many hats and when someone else asks who we are, we may Continue reading →

Unrequited Love isn’t for Sissies

Are you the unrequited love type?  Do you pine after people that aren’t interested in you or do you just say nothing so they don’t even know? Let’s start with the second one. They don’t know you have a crush Continue reading →

Getting There from Here…Planning for those Big Dreams

When you have a bigger vision or dream that seems almost impossible, how do you get there from here?  Sometimes things fall into place and sometimes we feel like we have to fight tooth and nail (as my mom used Continue reading →