Life Purpose, Myth or Fact?

We’ve heard about “life purpose” a lot over the years.  It was new for awhile and then it became overused.  It’s kind of like the “myth” of a soul mate; only one and you may never find it. I’m here Continue reading →

Ramp It Up!

Are you going through life in kind of a blasé way?  No real enthusiasm nor interest in much that’s going on?  Maybe you’ve had so many problems or issues that you just are done engaging, or maybe you came into Continue reading →

The Winds of Change

How are you with change?  Good, horrible…or maybe you fear it and stay stuck on purpose?  While change may be inevitable in life, few people embrace it.  When we worry about our future, we may worry about what the change Continue reading →

Time to Create Your Life With Purpose

Are you motivated to make a change in your life?  Only you know your own answers. Ultimately the amount you transform your life is up to you. We are unique individuals who already know how to live in joy and Continue reading →

Is the New Age Old?

Every time someone says they are into the “new age”, I wince a bit mostly because regular, every day people still think of the New Age as woo woo and airy fairy…not real or of importance.  The Oxford dictionary says Continue reading →