Stop Treating Yourself Like the Enemy

How many times a day do we say mean things about ourselves?  Do we say we look bad, sound bad, drive poorly, or just generally criticize ourselves?  If you ever pay attention, I’ll bet you’ll hear yourself do this a Continue reading →

Bah Humbug! It’s Christmas.

Are you all doom and gloom because it’s holiday time…again?  Is the Christmas Carol your favorite story or movie because you agree with it? If you feel depressed or grouchy all year round, you probably need more than this blog.  Continue reading →

In Theory…Things Should Work

Do you have dreams, goals and plans that look really good on paper, but don’t seem to be happening quite as planned?  Are you having trouble understanding why everyone else is doing well, but you just can’t get things started Continue reading →

Listen to Your Body When Making Decisions

Do you have trouble making decisions or do you leap in with both feet pretty easily?  If you make them easily, do you second guess or worry after you’ve made decisions until you see the outcome? Or do you hem Continue reading →

What Are Your Strengths?

Sometimes we get pretty tough on ourselves. We beat ourselves up for not living up to our own or someone else’s expectations.  We can get depressed, angry, worried, fearful, and pretty much every other difficult emotion when we have challenges Continue reading →

Are You the Ugly Duckling?

Do you go through life thinking you aren’t very attractive?  Do you feel like an ugly duckling among the swans?  Where did you get this idea? Sometimes parents and children in school or even brothers and sisters can say things Continue reading →