What are your beliefs?  If you think beliefs are only about God, think again.  Every time you decide you can’t do something, it is a belief.  Every time you say you only attract the wrong or bad sort of person for you, it’s another belief.  And every time you say, you can’t afford something, you are again reinforcing a belief.  These are generally referred to as limiting beliefs because they limit your good, your fun and the richness you can have in your life.

Let’s take an example. Money is easy to see because you can hear yourself saying things more often than in some other categories. So maybe you say I can’t afford it; or perhaps you have a different favorite. Maybe you think your family has always been poor or middle class, so you can’t have more.  Or you might think that you don’t deserve to be rich, or you don’t want to be rich because you see those that are being snobs or greedy or power hungry. And then there’s always the ever popular, my job doesn’t pay me enough.

Let’s take those apart for a minute.  If you say you can’t afford it, you may be thinking that there is only a limited supply of money and you can’t spend on this particular thing because you won’t have any left, or much less anyway.  Or maybe if you think your family has always been at a certain level of financial success, you may feel uncomfortable with the thought of doing better than those around you or then again, maybe you think you are only allowed so much prosperity and good in your life.  And the job one?  You are limiting yourself to one form of financial remuneration when money and prosperity can literally come at you from an unlimited number of sources.

If you shift even one percent of a belief it can totally transform your life. So take a look at one belief that is holding you back from your good.  Analyze it for a minute and see how it’s holding you back and then choose to find an alternate belief.  Work with it until it becomes more natural to you.

Humans are amazing.  We choose how we live, what we believe and we can literally choose again to find the life we want and release what isn’t working for us.  It takes making a decision, being focused and knowing what outcome you want, and it might even require you to get a little help from an unbiased outside source.  But releasing what’s holding you back from the life you truly want?  Isn’t that worth a little effort?


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