How do you react when you start to have a sore throat, sneeze or cough? Do you freak out; start imagining the worst; or call the doctor immediately?  Maybe you just get a little concerned and start adding Vitamin C to your diet.

The worst thing we can do is start letting our mind spin with the worries of getting sick. The Law of Attraction is all about what you focus on, you will attract to you. Do you focus on the sickness or do you choose health?  Even thinking, how do I not get sick, is focusing on the sickness. How do I cure the sore throat, the nasal drip, etc., are the same focus.

Instead, ask yourself the question, what do I need to do to feel healthy? If you choose health, you will focus on sleeping a decent amount, stressing less, drinking more filtered and alkaline water, eating better for you, more movement…all those things that are logical. They can all be adjusted. You don’t have to choose to be a vegan if you normally eat everything in sight.  Even if you just adjust your habits a bit here and there, it can make a huge difference in your health.  So maybe an extra glass of filtered water a day, extra half hour of sleep, 10 minutes of movement instead of none, and not eating past 8 p.m. every day are the beginnings of changing your habits.  Don’t make so many changes you can’t stick to any of them.  Choose what works for you and then stick to it.  You can even do a little more bit by bit.

And if you feel that sore throat, the nasal drip, the headache, or whatever start to take hold, focus on being healthy.  Take that Vitamin C, the Zinc, or even my favorite for sore muscles and feeling poorly, a hot bubble bath with uncoated aspirin in it. I’m also one for doing meditation imagining the cells of my body having all the energy they need to be happy and healthy, and talking to each other clearly.

You don’t need to judge yourself for past choices or whip yourself if you start focusing on the illness. Just choose again. Choose health and wellness. Choose to love your body and your being by treating it as though it were a priceless gift. Because honestly, it is.


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