When you come home at the end of your day what do you feel?  Do you find your home a peaceful haven of warmth and love?  Or maybe a place to fight and have disharmony?  Or perhaps it is just a place with no particular feeling to it. If most people had their way, their home would be a safe haven, filled with love, joy and laughter; someplace to recharge, refresh and be restored.

So how is your home?  If you find it lacking, are you willing and able to make changes? Maybe all you need is a little paint, nice music, or some plants. And maybe you might feel the need to move because the area or people don’t feel save and definitely don’t fall into the peaceful zone. What are you willing to do?

Just like your home, when you connect to source through prayer, meditation or just staying more in the moment, you will have more peace, more quiet joy and feel recharged. Connecting to your source truly feels like coming home. The more you do it, the more peaceful, the less stressed and the more focused you can be. You will start believing in yourself more; start working towards goals you didn’t even believe possible and start attracting the sort of people to you that will help you shift your life into what might seem totally miraculous.

So, when you come home, where do you want to be and how do you want to feel? Whether it is to a brick and mortar location, a tent or to a higher source, you have the ability to take action and change what doesn’t work for you.  It may take a little effort, a little time, and maybe even a little elbow grease, but you are worth it.  Coming home should be a joy, no matter how you slice it.


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