How is your life going?  Do you go through life willy-nilly, meaning going wherever it takes you and being totally spontaneous?  Do you have goals and a plan for the future?  Or just dreams and no definite design for your life?

The answers to the above questions may depend on your age.  I’ve noticed that in general, people tend to just be spontaneous with no real plans through at least high school, with some going until they are in the mid to late 20’s.  Goals and plans probably creep in anywhere from the end of high school on up, and usually by our 30’s we have a pretty good idea of what we want, even if they are only dreams and not a real planned outline.  And then as we get closer to retirement, we really have a plan to go back to the fun and spontaneity of our youth.

As an aside, if you are a natural planner, you may start planning your life in the womb!  But whether you are a planner or not, you are dreaming about what you want or what you expect to achieve.

To design your life is kind of like designing a new home.  You can start with a blueprint planning how many rooms, the square footage, the location and if you want a pool.  What is your dream and what would it look like?  For your life that may translate to knowing you want a significant other and kids someday, the type of career you want, where you may want to live, and the type of financial life you are comfortable with.  From there we know we need a foundation, plumbing and electrical, the bedrock that keep our house together; which may mean integrity, love, and if it applies to you, a spiritual connection.

As we start building our house, we pick out the flooring, the paint and the window coverings…and in our life, we start picking out the people who will be our friends, maybe education for the career we want, and how we interact with people becomes more apparent.  And of course as we pick out all the details like the furnishings, add plants, special pictures and mementos that mean so much to us, our designed house becomes a home.  Picking our person to go through life with, having children, traveling, finding our niche in our business life, and that special home make our lives beautiful and give it meaning.

But before you think I am saying you have to plan everything, just like life, we always need to leave space in our house, for the furniture we inherit, the gifts we receive and assorted treasures we pick up along the way.  Spontaneity can be a great gift and get us out of our rut, and add that special richness to our life.


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