How do you feel when you see a goal within reach and suddenly a BIG DETOUR sign seems to be in front of you?  Sad, mad, frustrated, unhappy, angry…?  You might be a combination of all of these.  How long before you can release those emotions, at least enough to make a decision on how you want to move forward and actually bounce back from the detour?  Some people stay in the emotions and react directly from them, not necessarily in an empowered way.  And others stay stuck so long that they pretty much get frozen and the goal is lost.

What do you do when the detour seems to, if not derail you, at least seem to take a lot longer and takes you out of your way before you reach your goal?  Do you throw up your hands and give up?  Devise every way you can think of to plow through the detour sign anyway; thereby either making the goal happen because there may have been a perfectly good road behind the detour sign, or perhaps ending up wasting time, money and energy?

How we handle these detours says a lot, not only about ourselves, but also how important that particular goal might be to us.  Maybe we never thought we could have the goal outcome in the first place, either due to fears, low self-esteem, or some other specific block that may say…hey, I can’t achieve that for whatever reason.  Or perhaps we needed to have the seeming detour to realize that the goal IS important and we want to forge ahead.  And just maybe we find that the goal just wasn’t so important that we cared to take the time to go on the detour that sprang up.

What if all you had to do was shift the goal slightly or the road you were on and…ta da! The goal is fulfilled.  So many people are so set on an exact outcome that they can’t see any other possibilities out there for a different outcome to their goal.  And sometimes, what the universe has in store for us…IF we would only listen…is so much better than the goal we originally set for ourselves.

Perhaps the next time that big old detour sign shows up in the middle of working towards your goals this blog will occur to you.  See if that goal needs to be exactly as it is in order to make you happy; if you can release your worries and doubts and forge forward or adjust your course and keep moving on without giving up…can you let the best outcome happen, no matter what it may be??  Ask for clarity, move through your emotions in a healthy way and see how that detour sign helps you shift, adjust and handle the direction you want your goal to take.  You may be surprised how much more rich and fulfilling your goal outcome will be if you can embrace the process.


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