Are you bored with your life?  Does every day seem to look like the last?  Even if you are super busy, that might be the case.  If you can write down on a calendar what you do every day, does it look the same or maybe just feel the same?  Even if you are having fun, if you are doing the same thing day after day you might need to change something up.

Maybe all you need to do is go to a different restaurant on date night, or go to Jack in the Box instead of McDonald’s with your kids.  Maybe shopping at a boutique instead of Walmart would be fun.  Or going to a movie instead of staying in one night.

If you are too busy, you will have to look at your life and see what you can cut out, delegate or save time by combining tasks.  Choose something fun to do.  What about classes at the local recreation department if they have them; at the senior center if you are the right age, a dance studio, yoga studio or trying martial arts.  You can take classes at the local junior college or join a local travel club. 

Look at a list of what’s available and pick out a couple that might be fun.  Sometimes the whole family can participate.  Be creative and you’ll find that boring will be a thing of the past.  And you might even get a whole new lease on life.


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