When opportunities come your way do you embrace them?  Do you take a long time trying to figure out if you should say yes or no, or maybe you run screaming into the night? When you are faced with a decision with a completely unknown outcome do you – say yes to a date, to a job, to an opportunity to travel…what do you do? I know I’ve done a variety of things. Jumped in and grabbed the opportunity even if fear of the unknown hit me, delayed making up my mind until the opportunity vanished, and I’ve even said no out of fear. What do you usually do?

So many times we don’t even see an opportunity when it bites us in the butt. We may be going along our merry way even asking for change, but we don’t see it when it shows up. Why is that?

I think we are so busy with life, wrapped up with what IS that we don’t see what could be. Even when we ask for something different in our life, we may not hear what someone says that would spark that growth; an idea doesn’t take root because we aren’t paying attention.

So how do you see those opportunities clearly? Set an intention that you will be more in the now and start paying attention to everything people say and what happens around you. Try not to get so wrapped up with what you’re doing that you become oblivious and ignore opportunities when they appear.  Opportunities are everywhere to help you grow and be all that you can be, if you choose to let it be so.


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