Every time change appears do you run screaming for the hills?  Are you scared of change, do you embrace it or are you somewhere in the middle?  The old saying, I have 20/20 hindsight is so true.  Looking back we can say, this horrible thing was the best thing that happened to me, because without that, I wouldn’t have changed jobs, found my person, changed at depth, etc.

If you find fear with change or usually worry when change makes an appearance, why is that?  Take a moment and consider, are you assuming change is always going to be bad?  Do you look at the worst-case scenario in most instances and that’s why the uncomfortable moments surround a change in your life?

The only way to find freedom in change as you face it and not after the fact is to assume it’s going to be good for you.  Why not assume that every change is going to make your life better, enrich your relationships, or make you a happier person?

Maybe you end up getting laid off from a job because there is a better one out there that pays more, has less of a commute or that you feel so much happier with; or maybe all of the above.  Or maybe it’s just the universe telling you it’s time you were on your life path and that was the only way to get you out of the rut you were in.

Or perhaps your significant other asks for a divorce.  This is enough to devastate us, but what if, after some healing time you find your strength and love yourself more?  Or perhaps your real “person” finally appears that is so much better for you.

I’ve heard so many times from cancer survivors that life is so much richer afterward because they appreciate life more.  Many times the changes that occur in their life include becoming closer to their loved ones, rekindling romance or finding their purpose with their job or their volunteer work.

If you look at the change coming up and feel fear or anxiety, what is the worst that could happen?  How likely is it?  Stop and really thing about this.  And then look at the best that could happen.  No job? Worst case…homeless?  Best case, fabulous new job you wouldn’t have even noticed before that fulfills you in every way shows up.

Wouldn’t you rather focus on the best case?  The more you focus on the positive higher vibrational possibility, the more likely it will happen and the lower vibrational option will fall away.  Don’t do it desperately, but with love and a knowingness that this is possible and the choice you prefer.  The reality of the change may look a little different, but it rarely turns out to be the worst-case scenario we think of.  And reaching for the highest and best outcome also enables us to see the opportunities and options that show up that might otherwise be invisible to us.

If you realize that change can indeed bring you freedom and joy to live your best life, it won’t be quite so scary the next time it appears.


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