Do you ever feel like you don’t know how to have fun?  You may be so busy or so stressed that your idea of fun is to sit with your feet up, zoning out and watching TV. Now there’s no problem at all with doing that in my book, but I’m not sure you should label that fun.  In the dictionary fun means “something that provides mirth or amusement; enjoyment or playfulness”. It also means letting down your hair and having a blast.

Can you describe any moment in your life like that? If you can, but you don’t indulge very often, if ever any more, remember that feeling.  It should feel light, carefree, maybe you laughed or felt joyful; kind of like a really good ride at Disneyland.  And if you haven’t, are you way too serious? If someone would be shocked that you took a day off from work to go on a picnic or see a movie, or allowed yourself to have some excitement on the weekend, it’s probably way past time that you gave this some thought.

Think of all the things that can bring you joy or that fills you with mirth. When do you laugh? Do you find going to a comedy club fun?  What about hanging out with your friends playing air hockey? Watching the big game at the local sports bar having a beer? Playing with a puppy or your child(ren)?  If while doing any of these things you find yourself thinking about work or something you should be doing…STOP!  Force yourself if you have to, to have a good time!

Releasing yourself from the need to be doing something different may help you relax enough to really get in the mood.

We all need those moments in our lives where we can just let go.  It’s healthy. It’s, well, …. FUN!


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