Do you ever get that really strange feeling when someone gets close to you?  You know, the one where you need to back up or leave the room?  We used to say he or she got in our “space”.  Now science says when someone moves into our energy field (aka our aura) and their vibration is too different from ours, that is when we get that negative, got to get out of here feeling.  Pretty cool.

So we know what it feels like when someone is of a lower vibration – the I’m not comfortable feeling – Or maybe we simply can’t take their negative talk or self-talk.  In any event, we are soooo out of there, which could be a little difficult if it’s Aunt Sally or Uncle Ned at a family gathering.  Resisting seeing people or hiding from them may work with someone who is barely a friend so you don’t have to see them often,  but what happens if you can’t get away or have to be repeatedly around people whose energy makes you uncomfortable (perhaps at work)?  What can you do to protect yourself?

I’ve tried a couple of things – some that work and some that haven’t.  One really good one is throwing a lot of gold light into the space we are going to be at together before I get there (or if at my house, before they get there).  My intention is to have it be a clear space that will only bring the highest good.

Another tool I use is putting myself in a bubble of a high vibration.  I swear when I do either one of these, the “offending” person either avoids me all together, or their entire energy shifts into one closer to my vibration (entrainment) that is easier for me to deal with.  Maybe that difficult person starts acting nice to me and the rest of the office is shocked that I am the one person they aren’t rude to, or Uncle Ned stops complaining about his latest illness and talks about a favorite hobby or something he loved doing as a boy.  In any event, it is so much easier to be in their presence!

The next time you get that trapped feeling, feel free to try one of those tools.  And if you’ve tried something that has worked for you, please leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you!



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