No, this isn’t about Charles Dickens….but it is about the mindset of what kind of expectations you have for your life.  So, what do you think?  Do you have Great expectations?  Or maybe things haven’t been going so well or you’re from what they used to call, the wrong side of the tracks, and life has been difficult up until now, so you have lower expectations for what you can have in this life.

Then there are the type of people that have what they call “no” expectations.  Now this can get tricky, because these people are not telling you the whole truth.  They come from two opposite camps.  One camp has expectations that everything is probably going to be awful, but they say they have “no” expectations so they won’t disappointed.  Generally they are exhausted and constantly on the look-out for someone who will bring them pain.

The other folks actually have an expectation that the best and right thing will happen, but they have “no” expectations because they are unattached to the outcome, leaving them in more joy and peace.  If something happens that others would think of as “bad”, they simply see the lesson they are supposed to learn and move through it more gracefully than others.

So where do you fall in this spectrum?  Do you have great, lower, or no (and which camp are you in) expectations?  Once you are pretty clear on that, look at your life.  Does your life reflect your expectations?  If it does and you’re happy with it, all is well.  But if you find you expect one thing and your life is totally different there is a disconnect between your conscious and subconscious minds.  If this is you, no worries.  You can start to shift by simply paying attention to where things are creating opposite to what you desire – is it that you are alone but you really think you deserve, and expect to have, a wonderful love in your life?  You can’t work on the disconnect until you start seeing it more clearly, which might take a life coach or other outside ear and shoulder.

If your expectation and your life are in alignment, but you decide to upgrade your expectations from “low” or “no” – the kind where you expect the worst – to “great” or “no” – the one with no attachment to the outcome – you will find that your outer life starts shifting to reflect your new beliefs/expectations; people will show up in your life differently, and they may even start to say that you bring out the best in them.  Kind of cool, right?


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