Everyone I know is celebrating the fact that 2017 is complete.  Is that you as well?  In 2017 there was so much violence and of course, our country is still in total disharmony from the top down…

Like Harry Potter, I personally felt like I was going thru a time of transfiguration; a huge shift, which can and did get uncomfortable.  I went from my fears, doubts and worries screaming at me – what the heck are you doing??!!?? – to a calmness and a knowingness that I was on the right path even if I didn’t know how to get from here to there…wherever there is.

So, how are YOU doing?  Are you dreading and fearing 2018 or happy to be moving forward?  If you feel like you want more and should be more, you aren’t alone.  The whole world is going thru massive shifts.

If you want to have different things in your life, be different!  Don’t keep doing the same things over and over

and expect something different.  It NEVER works!  And there you are 20 years later wishing that you had taken the time to be who you truly are sooner.

We can start by choosing our thoughts more positively and directed toward what we want instead of thinking of what we don’t want.  Choose to smile instead of smacking someone that deserves it.  Give love instead of hate, annoyance or frustration.  But don’t shove down your emotions.  Close out the world for a moment and find your now moment. The moment where the world quiets and is still. There our life will shift and become more.

It’s time for all of us to release the old fears, habits, worries, and any programming that doesn’t serve us anymore.  We can do it.  Let’s wave our magic wand and celebrate that we are capable of becoming more than we were before…our true authentic selves.


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