How many times do you try to sleep and stay awake worrying about something? What do you worry about? Money is usually a pretty big issue; maybe a deadline fast approaching at school or work; you may worry about your children; and of course our love life is a zone unto itself.  Wouldn’t you like to have a worry free-zone; where life is peaceful and nothing makes you anxious?

Worry is just a fear of something that may happen in the future differently than how you want it to go.  So first, let me ask you, on a scale of 1 to 10, or if you need a 1 to 100 scale, how much do you worry? If it’s more than a quarter of the time, why do you feel you worry so much? Do you feel overwhelmed, alone, unprepared or maybe just undeserving of something you need to do or want in your life? Of the future you hope to have? Knowing why you worry so much can be a huge help in releasing what the initial cause is, or at least working on it to whittle down the worry.

Second question: using the same scale again, how big are the issues you actually worry about? If you have a lot of big things happening in your life, it’s really easy to focus on the negative and the bad things that might happen.  And if you realize you are worrying about the smaller issues in a way that’s totally out of proportion to the perceived problems, that can be an epiphany that can change your entire outlook.

To have a worry-free zone, you have to be willing to let the future take care of itself, at least for a few minutes. While I’m a big proponent of meditation, not everyone chooses to do it, and sometimes the release of the worry needs to be immediate and there is no time to get into a deep meditation. Maybe you choose a song to hum or sing under your breath that makes you happy or releases worry. Maybe you have a place you go in your mind even for a split second that helps you, or even just closing your eyes and taking three deep calming and peaceful breaths may do it.  You can even declare the worry-free zone to be part of the house or yard. Make it for the whole family if you like – you come into this particular room or area of the yard and no worries are allowed; no complaining or blaming here.  By the time you or they get up to move out of the area, the worry may already have been released.

Worry is just the fear of something happening in the future you have no control over that would be unpleasant. You have the power over whether you worry or not.


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