Do you feel stuck in some area of your life?  No matter what you do are things the same…no change, and driving you crazy?  I hear you.  I think we’ve all been there.  Sometimes it feels like we’re walking thru quicksand.

I finally got to the point that I was DONE!  I had to figure out what I had to do to make things move in the direction I wanted (when I THOUGHT I’d been doing it all along).  But the question I asked myself was…what am I focusing on?  I know that the law of attraction works.  That’s where we think of one thing and it is attracted to you.  If we wish for the loving spouse or lots of money, but focus on the bad relationships or the debt you get more of the same.

Sometimes it can get tricky though.  For example, if I think I’m focusing on what I want, but then nothing changes.  What’s up with that?  Well what you think you want and what your subconscious believes you deserve may be at odds which can make your “reality” totally random.

Take the money issue, if part of us focuses on the worry that the debt won’t be paid and the other part is visualizing lots of money coming in – we are giving our subconscious a mixed signal.  So maybe we get the large sum of money, but then the IRS says – oh, guess what you owe – the same or more than you received; then you are back in the same boat again.

So the secret is to look at who you would be if you actually had what you wanted.  If you look at two years from now and say you want to have a savings of $100k in your bank account over what it is now with no debt attached to it. Who would you be if you had that?  Would you be happy, less stressed, and grateful with the knowledge that everything is fine in that avenue of your life and all your bills are easily paid?  If you act as if this has already happened you won’t worry about paying bills, and believe it or not, money starts showing up at the door.  It is the weirdest thing…no wait…that’s just the law of attraction at work!



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