Is your life going in the wrong direction?  Or maybe you’re bored and everything seems ho hum?  Is it time to make some changes, but you don’t know which way to go?

There are so many choices we can make to change our life, but it can all be so confusing and we may get stuck; stuck in the stuff we know vs. trying something new or planning for a different life.  Maybe we have fear of the unknown or just fear that where we are going will be worse than where we are.  Some people just hate change because anything unknown is bad…even something that will turn out well, or wonderful.

The main thing is that you make a decision.  Move in one direction or another. You can always change the direction, but if you don’t move at all, you will never get anywhere.  Remember that whatever you are thinking about and doing today, will be what is your reality tomorrow, so if you don’t care for where you are now, do you want to be in the same place 5 years from now, or 10 years from now?  If your answer is a resounding NO!  Then you know it’s time.

So look at the decisions that shape your life every day.  If you aren’t sure where to start, find one thing that you usually go right on and go left, or at the very least go straight ahead.  Instead of stopping at one store, try another; try a different church one time; take a class in something you are interested in.  Just do something

I was ready for a huge change in my life after my divorce and after one year I hardly recognized myself.  Things fell into place so quick I felt like a different person.  But not everyone is ready for that.  And that’s okay.  If you are adverse to change, the first step is the most difficult, so give yourself a pat on the back even if all you do is shift one thing in your life slightly differently.  Because after that first step, little by little you can take more and more baby steps towards change and before you know it, those small steps will lead you to a life you love living.

Just take that first step.


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