What’s your path?  Do you know what your purpose is or why you are here?  If not, no worries.  Most people don’t.  It seems like it has to be this really grandiose dream that will change the world, but really it could be something small that makes a difference a little at a time.

I’ve spoken on YouTube about knowing your “Why”.  Why are you here, what makes you get up in the morning…and really it doesn’t have to be huge.

If you have no idea what your path is, make a list of the following

  • what makes you feel good
  • your talents and things you are particularly good at
  • personal traits that shine
  • anything you’ve said to yourself over and over (mine was I’d like to heal and inspire others)
  • anything others have said to you that rings true that you’ve heard more than once

After you’ve really looked at your list and come up with something that feels right – only then would you ask yourself how you will implement what your path is.  If your path is to make the disabled lives’ better, do you teach, or raise funds, or build homes for them, or maybe you run for politics and work from that angle.

If your why rings true, but you feel off, look at how you are choosing to accomplish your path and try a different angle.

When you start moving forward on your path and everything falls into place, you know you are getting it right.  Congratulations!!  It really does make the world a richer and more fulfilling place.


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