Sometimes life happens and we feel we come up lacking.  You wanted A to happen, or maybe B, and we got M, N or P, and we believe we didn’t do enough. Sometimes we even give up on our dreams because life is too difficult.  BUT, do you want to live like this?

Go back to your childhood for a minute. Did you have big dreams about what you wanted the future to hold?  If you don’t remember anything specifically, maybe you remember what kind of games you played. Sometimes those hold the key. Even if you were stuck in survival mode at the time, there was a dream lurking under there somewhere. We all had some sort of dreams, but where are they now?

Take a moment and look at where your dreams are now and if they’ve changed or refined some. What are they? What do you REALLY want for your life? Are you trying to get there? Thinking about giving up because things are taking forever to happen? Or have you already thrown in the towel saying…maybe I need to find a new dream. Or maybe you’ve adjusted and made the dream smaller.

Dreams may shift over time, but don’t make it be because you think you can’t get there from here. At least try to find some clarity first.

Let’s do a quick exercise to accomplish that.  Picture what you truly want in your mind’s eye. Then step into the dream imagining that you already have it, and it’s even better than you thought. Stay there for a bit feeling every bit of it through every part of your being. How wonderful does it feel; how fulfilled are you; how happy are you that you didn’t give up? Do you feel loved, wanted, self-confident…?  Stay in this really lovely place for a couple of minutes really feeling into your body and allowing it to feel like it’s your present reality and not like it’s somewhere in the future.

Now, ask yourself the next question.  From that really good place, ask yourself…who do I have to be in order to achieve this dream?  Do I have to be more persistent, more self-confident; more loving; or maybe just have more belief in yourself that you deserve for them to happen.

This exercise can not only be fun…to feel like your dream is already a reality…but it usually expands the possibilities of your dream and makes it feel more real to you.  It also can be an eye-opening experience when you ask yourself “Who do I have to be in order for this to happen?”  Only you can answer that!

Don’t give up on your dreams with regret. Maybe they do need to adjust a bit or change completely, but make those choices from a place of clarity and empowerment.  If you do decide to move forward with an elusive dream, don’t be surprised if people give you information out of the blue, new doors open, or unforeseen opportunities show up.


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