Don’t you hate it when people ask you that question?  You may not care, but it may seem rude or offend you when someone asks your age; or maybe you just don’t want to admit it.  So what do you say?

First, how do you feel about your age?  Is it just a number and you ignore it, or do you take it to heart and age the way people think you should?  You may be 60 and look 40 or 100 and look 70.  Or you may be 40 and look 60.  The number on your age doesn’t necessarily matter to your health and wellbeing.

A question to ask yourself is, if I woke up with amnesia and didn’t know my age, how old would I say I was?  The questions you would ask yourself would be:  How do I feel; what do I see in the mirror; and you would be aware of how well you can move and how clearly you can think…

Basically the number that people assign you because of when you were born is totally unimportant.  I met a woman who looked older, maybe 80 or so, who was with a lady who looked to be in her 50’s.  The older lady was moving a little slowly, but she seemed chipper and with it.  The younger lady said her companion was 102, which shocked the heck out of everyone in the room.  For all I know the younger lady could have been her granddaughter or a very young-looking daughter.  You just never know!

So take it to heart.  Allow yourself to feel like you are getting younger every day through meditation or biofeedback.  Take care of yourself.  Get enough sleep and water, get some movement in your life to keep you flexible and your joints in good shape, and then do things that brighten your day, be kind, help people… whatever puts a smile on your face.  At that point, whatever the calendar says simply won’t be important.


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