If you are going to be with your family for more than an hour or two do you get the, OMG, can’t I just stay home, syndrome?  Going home for the holidays or any other time can be difficult for some people.  Maybe your Aunt June complains 24/7 about her health, your dad is an alcoholic and there is always a scene, or you know your brother-in-law beats up your sister but she won’t own up to it.  What do you do?

There are various levels as mentioned above, from this person annoys me to, I want my relative locked up because they are out of control.  So how do you get along with these people, and honestly do you want to especially if they are so out of vibration with you that you can hardly stand being around them.  Let’s go through the steps for each type and see what works for you.

First, the annoying ones that you actually like or maybe even love – try not particularly listening if that bugs you – but beam love or appreciation at them.  Appreciate their clothes, their eyes, or maybe just the fact they are here in human form if you have to.  If you can beam love or appreciation from a deep place they should start losing focus and whatever they are complaining about may lose steam. They may even ask, what was I talking about again?  At that point you can redirect them to a more positive subject you would like to talk about.

What about the next step up? You love the person, but you know they are in a really bad place.  With this one, you can beam down a healing blue or green light on them.  Picture them releasing whatever is holding them back from being their best self and healing taking place at a deep level for them. Instead of focusing on the negative, try sending this healing to them.  You don’t have to say specifically what the healing is for because if you try to heal one thing, it might just be a symptom of what the real problem is. For example, don’t try to heal the alcoholism, send healing for the cause, which could be a long held secret about some sort of abuse.  This kind of healing is a true gift.

And lastly, for the person you feel is absolutely horrible, you might not be able to do either of the first two.  You may just have to put up a wall or barrier between you and that person, keeping their energy away from you.  You may actually prefer to put a bubble around that person’s aura that keeps their negative or lower vibration away from the rest of the family. 

If you really feel you’re done with your family, at least for now, you can always take a break from a gathering.  Weddings and funerals may feel required, but the rest…go with what works best for you, and don’t feel guilty for that choice!


How to Get Along With the Family — 2 Comments

  1. Oh, WOW, Carol! This blog is particularly timely and helpful! I know we all have family members that can really get under our skin, and I love the “send love and appreciation” to the mildly irritating ones! That, I believe I can do! But I especially appreciate your advice for how to handle someone who can really get under your skin. I’ll be bubbling away this Christmas and preparing as much love and appreciation as I can. Thank you so much for this really helpful advice!

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