Why is it that sometimes when we feel like we are late or behind on something, and we rush to catch up, we find that life makes us wait?  Like when we are late for a train and we try to run to catch it only to find out it is running 15 minutes behind?  Or traffic makes us super late no matter how fast we try to get somewhere?  This isn’t counting the times we are hurrying to meet someone and they are late or you have a deadline which you spend all night working on and find out the deadline has been moved the next day…

We are so ready sometimes to have something happen that we rush and push to get to the front of our line, but sometimes our timing may not be the best timing for us.  Spirit has a different path for you.  And sometimes it is just time to stop, breathe and let the worry and rushing go.

Hmmmm.  Have you ever tried that?  Letting the angst and the tightness of “hurry up” just…go?  It is amazing what happens if you can possibly do that.  The blood pressure drops, the fight or flight mode disappears and we can find at least momentary peace.  In those moments sometimes we can get inspiration on how to get from here to there in a better, quicker or just more fun way.  It’s almost like we can reconnect and get into a different gear altogether.

And if the timing isn’t quite right and maybe there is a different path that spirit is trying to show you, if you over-focus on getting “there”, you may miss it entirely.  So the next time you are hurrying somewhere or to get something accomplished, if you can, take that moment and see where it takes you.


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