If you say I Hate My Job! a lot, what do you plan to do about it?  Do you just whine and complain to everyone in sight and do nothing?  Or maybe you only complain at home how much you hate your job.


First off, if that’s the case, what is it about your job you hate and what do you love…or maybe just like?  Be more specific, because if you change your job and you don’t realize what you like and what you dislike about where you are now, likely as not, you will have the same problem the next time.  So first, and this may be a short list…what DO you like about your job?  You may need to expand this to your career, but if you like the career and it’s just the specific job, stick to that.  Do you like what you do, how you do it…what?

Then, what do you hate?  Is your boss condescending or doesn’t appreciate you?  Is the commute long and slow?  Do you hate the money and the fact you are always being ignored for promotions?  What is it?

And then figure out if you do want to change your job or if you just need to shift something specific that would make your job more fun, or at least less hated.  Maybe you can delegate the thing you hate to someone else.  Maybe you can do what so many are nowadays and avoid traffic by telecommuting a couple of days a week.  If nothing occurs to you, maybe you can ask others, not at the office, to help you come up with some solutions.  Throw a wide net and see what comes up.  You’ll be surprised how well brainstorming can work if you haven’t tried it before.

And of course, you can also do what I have in the past and change your own outlook.  Wrap the person or the situation that you hate in a love bubble or put a force field around your desk or office that keeps problematic people away.  I like the bubble idea so that if anyone steps through it their negativity or whatever it is that bothers you automatically is left behind.  They can always pick up their bad feelings or behavior after they leave you again if they are attached to it.  It can be surprising how a person will shift when they approach you or totally change direction and stay away from you when you do this.  In either event, you feel better and life is less stressed.

And sometimes a new job will open up in your company either to remove your boss from your vicinity or to get you a promotion, or you’ll learn about a job opening somewhere else that is a perfect fit for you.

In any event, being aware and being proactive in dealing with a situation you aren’t in love with will make you feel like you aren’t helpless, and when you see people around you or situations shift it is an amazing thing.


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