The quick answer to this is NO!  You don’t.

No Donna Summer, you don’t have to work hard for the money.  You have to work smart!

So many of us were raised by parents who “had a great work ethic” and who thought they had to “work really hard” to get anywhere.  Or perhaps your parents were the opposite, teaching you that since they didn’t work hard and had nothing, you better.

While being dependable and reliable at your job is definitely a good thing, you honestly don’t have to work hard if it feels like you are going in circles or banging your head on the wall and not getting very far.  Let’s look at what might be holding you back from working smart instead and getting in your flow; panning for gold so to speak.

I realize this is a big subject with lots of levels and I actually have a 5 hour intensive on changing your money karma, so let’s try in this blog to have you become aware of at least one belief you have that could be holding you back since becoming aware is always the first step to change.

Start with taking a good look at your parents.  What do/did they say about working – do/did they have a good “work ethic”, generally working hard to make their money?  Or maybe they have a lack mentality because they thought there was never enough money to go around?  Have you adopted their beliefs?  If so, just becoming aware of that may stop those old beliefs in their tracks.  If you do see those old thought patterns emerging just become aware that it is not your belief – it is simply one adopted from a parent.  See that parent in your mind’s eye; thank them very much for their teaching you; and then say – this is your belief and not mine.  I release those patterns back to you.  And each time something like that comes up, let it go the same way. You will find that less and less you have these types of patterns in your life.

It seems like once you start releasing one limiting belief, another one shows up. Don’t get discouraged!  It is a sure sign that you are learning, growing and heading in the right direction.


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