Somewhere in the middle of your day are you running on empty?  Do you get frustrated, angry or just exhausted?  Whether it’s with an unruly child, a do that won’t obey, a boss who is unreasonable or just a jar of pickles that won’t open, on any given day we can get stressed.

So, a very simple but powerful exercise.  When you feel that way, Take a step outside if you can. If worse comes to worse, go into the stall in the bathroom at the office or pull the car into a parking lot.  Then, it’s time to smell the roses, as my mom used to say.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel all of your attention pulling back from wherever it is.  Pretend for the moment like none of it matters and see it all melting away, knowing if you want to pick up where you left off when you are done, you can.

Then simply…be.  Be in the now.  Let go of the past and the future concerns and worries. Summon up the joy of being right here, right now, in this moment.  Know how truly blessed you are to be in a human existence no matter what is happening around you.

If you need a little help getting to the here and now joy moment at first, find one thing that brings you deep joy and see it directly in front of your closed eyes – maybe your baby’s smile, a beautiful sunset or looking into a loved one’s eyes.  Once you have the feeling, let go of the thought and be in the now.  

I can promise you, it will take a moment to want to come back if you even get a bit of the feeling, and you will truly shift into a higher state of being. What you were concerned with a stressed out over will look, and more importantly, feel, completely different.



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