Have you ever felt draw to certain people? Have you seen lots of people drawn to one person?  Sometimes we don’t know why and sometimes it can be incredibly obvious. Maybe you even feel better when you’re around them.  Granted they are people and have their issues, but they still just seem happier somehow and spread that to the world.

What makes you drawn to some people? Joy? Confidence? Humor?  The people I’m drawn to seem happy.  They don’t complain or whine or moan, and seem to emanate a sort of joy that rubs off.  When I think about it, I realize I want to be like them. I want to bottle their joy and take a sip whenever I feel down. I have to admit I also want people to be drawn to me in the same way.

So how do we accomplish this? How can we be that happy person?  A minister of mine used to say “Fake it till you make it!” And while that may work for some, a fake happy can come across as just that, fake.  How else can you be happy or find joy?

I’ve found a couple of options:

  1.  Find something in your life that already brought you happiness or joy – a wedding day, your baby’s first step, falling in love…anything…and remember that feeling. Replicate it as much as you can until you operate more and more from that feeling.
  2. Look at something you want that you think will bring you joy. Feel into that feeling and again replicate it more and more.
  3. Feel gratitude for things or people in your life. Gratitude Is a great catalyst for feeling happiness and joy.

If you practice the habit of gratitude, happiness or joy, before you know it, you’ll be that person that attracts others easily and helps buoy their spirits when they’re down.


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