So you decided you aren’t happy with your spouse, you want to divorce your kids, your boss is driving you crazy, you need more sleep…your life needs…what???  Something.  So now what do you do?  Divorce your spouse? Quit your job? Pull your covers over your head and not get up for…I don’t know…a year until everything gets better?

No matter what you are going through humans are extremely resilient and can bounce back, but you may need to take some time apart.  Don’t do anything drastic and give yourself the gift of reaching out for help if you need it.  Whether it is a life coach, your minister, a therapist or a friend, find someone to listen to you; someone who REALLY will listen to you without an agenda.  By even reading this blog, you are already so far ahead of most people because you are aware and looking for answers.

We all juggle so many things today and the world seems to go by faster and faster.  The right person can help you shift the stuff so you can rebalance your life.  Or maybe you will discover what’s missing and find that the current job has to change.

Honestly, I worked with a life coach for almost two years during my divorce; for the first year once a week.  It was the best investment in myself I ever made.  As all my friends will attest to, I am different, I’ve grown, I’ve blossomed and I’ve found my purpose which is constantly expanding.  And no, this isn’t an ad specifically designed for you to work with me; it’s an ad for you to take care of you….in whatever way that feels right to you.  Please find your way…find your joy…it is the best gift you can give yourself.  You deserve it!!


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