What would we do without imagination?  Without it, we wouldn’t have space travel, computers, tasty recipes, indoor plumbing, or any fiction books, and children wouldn’t be read to sleep with fairy tales or Dr. Seuss.  How boring would life be?  And how difficult if all those things that have been invented hadn’t been thought of?  We would still be living like cavemen hunting for our food and surviving as best we could.

But we are lucky.  All humans have imaginations.  We have created and invented things since we first became a species making our lives more comfortable and allowing us to live way beyond the survival stage.

What are you doing with your imagination?  It doesn’t mean you have to write the next novel on the bestseller list, but maybe you make someone feel special with little love notes, or create a special dinner, or even come up with a great idea on the job that saves people time or money.  It doesn’t have to be earthshaking, but any ideas and actions that happen because of your imagination, can make your life and those you love and know a happier, more fulfilling place.

If you don’t think you have much of an imagination, you can expand your ability just by learning new things, reading more, and finding an art or a craft of some sort to be more creative. Any of these can stretch your mind more and work that imagination muscle.  As you practice using your imagination, new possibilities will make your life take on a brighter quality and you’ll have more fun.


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