I was driving down the road and I saw a sign on a senior living center that said “Impossible is Just an Opinion.”  It made me think and then it made me chuckle.  If you think about it, this phrase alone explains the mindset of people who have changed the world.

Most of us go through life with “I can’t” as one of our mantras, or maybe “I don’t know how”.  And of course, this sign made me think of “Oh, that’s impossible”, which many people have as well. Can you imagine having the mindset of “Impossible is Just an Opinion”?  It could change everything!  We wouldn’t say “I can’t” anymore, because everything would be possible for us!

This leaves us open to all of the dreams and goals we may have and everything we’ve ever wanted to do and accomplish.  Instead of stopping at roadblocks and giving up, we’d say, okay, if impossible isn’t an option anymore, I just need to shift my thinking to get this thing, this situation or this relationship to work.  Even if what we want morphs and shifts a bit as we move through life, it would be because it felt right that way and not because we gave up.

How does this look to you?  How does the “Impossible is Just an Opinion” thought feel to you? Outlandish and ridiculous, or exciting and full of possibilities.  Just imagine what your life would look like if you believed all of your dreams and desires could work out and were possible.  Would you work harder, focus more and stick to your dreams like glue knowing they weren’t pipe dreams and seemingly impossible to achieve?

You might say, yes but my goal is to play for the Celtics and I’m 5’4” and 200 lbs. or I want to be a brain surgeon and I always failed science and I’m over 65.  They may seem like pie in the sky type of realities, but if you stick to what you want and visualize it, other options that are just as exciting may come to mind that you could be closed off to if you thought they were impossible.  Maybe the Celtics fan ends up being the mascot or some other part of the administrative team and that is just as exciting.  And maybe the brain surgeon wanna-a-be realizes he/she would be just as happy going into hypnotherapy, inventing a brain surgery videogame or filming a documentary that’s used in various classrooms.

So realize that impossible is just an opinion the next time you say to yourself, “I can’t” or “I give up”.  Because once you open yourself up to possibilities instead of impossibilities, you never know where your imagination and enthusiasm will take you.


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