Do you have dreams, goals and plans that look really good on paper, but don’t seem to be happening quite as planned?  Are you having trouble understanding why everyone else is doing well, but you just can’t get things started or, maybe you’re okay with the start, but the finish line just isn’t happening?

It’s okay. We all have these times. You aren’t worse than someone else, or not good enough to have the outcome you want.  More than likely you just have some limiting beliefs holding back your dream.  Or maybe you’re really stuck to the dream so hard you can’t see that a slight shift in the plan will make it all happen, and maybe happen even better than you thought it would.

This is going to be the first time I’m going to say this…don’t focus on the positive yet.  Take a little time and listen to the negatives you say and think.  Really pay attention and then write them down.  These are your limiting beliefs coming forward.  This is GREAT!  You have to be aware of them to move, adjust or shift them.

As soon as you have a few of those limiting beliefs, really look at them and see if you truly believe them.  Are they things people said to you growing up?  Something you believe due to a job you had, a church you’ve gone to, or just someone really trying to help you, but doing it in such a way you hooked into the negative about yourself?  The more we think or say things about ourselves and our goals in a negative way, the more blocks our subconscious mind will create in order to give us what it sounds like we want.  Yikes!  Let’s change that one, okay??

The ones that are usually pretty easy to release are those we can laugh at. They may be beliefs we’re holding onto that seem like they belong to other people like our parents, and we start to understand that we adopted them. If it becomes clear we don’t have a lot of roots to the belief, just knowing what they are will move them out of our energy field and our subconscious.

Then there are the limiting beliefs that really feel stuck.  Maybe they are past life trauma or karmic debris we are ready to release, but we don’t know how.  Those are too deep for this blog. I have videos on YouTube and other blogs on becoming aware of and shifting limiting beliefs.  It’s what I help my clients do, so if you need help, I’m here.  Sometimes we really do need that third party to listen to what we say and give us back our words to help us move things along and get unstuck.

But also be aware that sometimes, we just need to let up a little on the stranglehold we have on our dreams and plans, because if we hold to the vision of the dream, and then reiterate the words “this or something better”, we don’t hold ourselves back from what could just be an even more unbelievable and fantastic outcome than we saw possible.  What do you think?


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