Do you think happiness is real?  I mean you can’t taste or touch it, and you can’t even feel it with your fingertips, but it sure feels real, doesn’t it?  I invite you to take an inventory.  When do you feel happiness?  What are you doing?  Who are you with?

After you think it through, do you find you need other people and situations to feel happiness?  I ran into someone the other day who said he was always smiling and pretty much always happy.  Can you say that about yourself?  I doubt many of us can.  But beware if you find yourself usually in the opposite spectrum without a reason.  If you cry all the time or feel lethargic or depressed, look for that reason.  If someone you loved just died, for heavens sake, give yourself a break, but if you’ve been depressed for years, check yourself out with a doctor or try a therapist, hypnosis or even get an intuitive reading to find the cause and start working on it.

For the rest of us, we normally swing back and forth between different emotional states.  When you think about it, the state of being happy generally seems dependent on circumstances and other people.  It is a transitory state that comes and goes.  A deeper and longer lasting type of happiness….is joy.

Joy is something you can find for yourself.  It is bone and even soul deep that isn’t dependent on people or situations.  You know in yourself that you are enough, that all is well, and it sort of bubbles up.  Once you have that feeling, it’s kind of addicting.  You want it all the time, and we can have it.

To practice getting in that state, or when you haven’t been there before, find what moves you the deepest and then lock in that feeling.  For me, nature and babies in all forms bring me joy.  Especially puppies, trees, waterfalls.  Just being in their presence bubbles up that deep sense that all is right with the world.  Meditation is also a good way to find that joy.

The really cool thing about joy is that the more you practice being in that space, the easier it is for you to get there. It becomes a cell memory so you don’t need the crutches you used in the first place.  Joy raises your vibration and makes you feel taller, more loving, more forgiving…and anger, irritation, frustration and even hatred can fall away easily and without even trying.

So don’t worry about finding happiness…Find the joy and fly!


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