What tools do you have at home?  Most people at least have a hammer and 2 types of screwdrivers, and maybe a wrench or a needle nose plyer.  Do you know when it is the right time to pick up which tool?  Do you use a hammer on a screw or do you pick up a screwdriver?  And maybe when one tool doesn’t work, do you try a different one?

Such it is with life and this thing we call enlightenment.  If we want to grow and keep trying the same tool, and nothing is changing, do you try a different one until things start moving in your life?

I see it all the time when we are trying to change someone’s mind.  We keep pounding away at them with a hammer, when really a wrench to loosen them up would work so much better…not literally of course!  But you get my drift.

Whatever you are doing in your life and whatever you are trying to achieve; stop for a minute.  Take a breath and step back.  If what you are doing doesn’t seem to be working in your work life, in a particular relationship, in your finances or your health, look again. Can you see the “problem” from a different perspective?  If so, maybe a different tool will come to mind.  Try a needle nose plyer instead of that hammer, or maybe add visualization to your prayers or meditations.

Sometimes we use a particular growth tool for a long time and it works, but if we get stuck in a certain area, perhaps we need to replace that tool for awhile or maybe add something new to what we are already doing in order to super charge our growth.

So take a moment; look at your tool box; and use your intuition to see what would be the best one for your current situation.  Just a slight shift sometimes can make all the difference.


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