A new year can be a great time for new beginnings.  If you want to be happier and feel more fulfilled, it’s also a good time to reevaluate and see where in your life you can make changes.  I won’t lie, changes can be scary.  As they say, better to stick with the devil you know… Why do they say that again?  Oh yeah, better to stay in a life that may have an awful relationship, a demeaning job, or a house with bugs, than even the possibility of making a change if it means being alone, having no job at all or being homeless.  In other words, let’s not make any changes at all because we are always looking at the worst case scenario. 

Wait, what?  Who does that…not me…right? While we may not think we look at the worst case scenario all the time, if we don’t move forward in our life into the areas we really want out of fear, there really is some of that cloudiness in our thinking.  I think we have to get to the tipping point sometimes – that lowest low that people talk about to really make large changes. 

But maybe, just maybe if you decide not to make a change in an area of your life – if you analyze why you aren’t moving forward and see the fear, you might be able to change your perspective a bit.  Even if you change your perspective by 1% eventually your life will be totally different. 

So say you have a job you feel totally unappreciated, or you feel totally unfulfilled at, or maybe even your boss is impossible to work for…you can take the leap and quit or at least start looking for a new job, but  maybe you aren’t ready for that.  If you can find a way to shift even the smallest amount your whole attitude could undergo a huge transformation.  Perhaps by focusing on the 1 thing you enjoy doing at the job, finding nice things to say to your impossible coworkers, or even bringing in fresh flowers for your desk you could shift that 1% I mentioned above.  Enough so that the job is not quite so unpalatable. 

It’s funny because when we are closed down to the good around us, making changes can seem like huge mountains that are impossible to move or shift.  But when we open up to the possibilities they really are everywhere around us and change is a piece of cake.


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